in situ

IN SITU 2021

is an art project organized by Ronald de Ceuster
by invitation of Tonneke van Oss and Lucré Schoorlemmer,
the owners of the residence Casa Madrugada. Casa Madrugada is a very cosy and comfortable house to be.
The house is situated in the small village Murganheira, Portugal.
The art project is like an A.I.R. because artists with different disciplines will work and live for a month on the spot.
The project runs from June 2021 until December 2021. 

On the land of the house is a small building. This building has one space, one door and one small open window.
The roof is almost flat. It’s around 2,5m x 3m with a height of 2m.
In earlier times the building was used for storing animal feed but nowadays it hasn’t any function at all.
This small building can be seen as an icon or archetypal space. It can be seen as an object or place of refuge.

Ronald de Ceuster will invite the participating artists to take this building as their starting point. 
He will ask them to use the building as (research)material in making and developing their artworks 
and to keep their work in connection to this space, during their work period of one month.
In that time the artists will live and work alone. Six artists will succeed each other in one and a half year.

During the period there will be a dialogue between the artist and Ronald de Ceuster. 
This dialogue will be public. Maybe it will be public by a podcast, a newsletter or by an Vimeo channel. 
A publication will be published at the end of the entire art project. 
Ronald de Ceuster will be responsible for the publication. 
The owners, who live in the Netherlands will be, as far as possible, hostesses.