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Borrowed Spaces is an informal project in which Ronald de Ceuster invites artists to create and show works in (temporary) vacant spaces. De ceuster asks the artists to relate to the given space and asks them to make site specific work. The physical and spherical properties of the places in particular are the focus of the projects.

The first serie of five shows took place in the former studio building Rollecate, Deventer, 2011-2013.
A publication of the sixth and last show, The Place, The Space, has been released by


The Place, The Space
Text: Alex de Vries, Ronald de Ceuster
Design: Studio Kern
21x15 cm/ 56 pag
ISBN 978-94-91609-03-09

PDF file for free


The second series Passage took place between 2013-2014 in the hall of the studio building Panta Rhei, Deventer.
Participating artists were: Marieke de Jong, Monique Kwist, Nicolette Klerk and Heidi Linck.



The third series under the title Depot took place in 2016 2017 with contributions from Hellen Abma,
Astrid van Loo i.c.w. Heleen Simons and Danielle van Strien.



coming soon in 2021

in situ